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Bahamas detour for Xmas card

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By Abbey Morton
Bahamas detour for Xmas card

LOCHMABEN resident was surprised to receive a Christmas card on Saturday . . . more than three months after it was posted.

AAs instead of a short delivery trip from Torthorwald to Lochmaben, the festive greeting went on an 8000 mile detour to The Bahamas before landing back in the royal burgh. Posted to Pam Linton from a relative, the card was sent with a 58p second class stamp and was addressed to ‘Barras, Lochmaben’. When the postie came knocking at the weekend he pointed out the ‘mis-sent to The Bahamas’ stamp on the envelope to community council chairwoman Pam.

And yesterday she said: “It was a relative in Torthorwald who posted it. “I did think at the time it was a little strange we hadn’t received a card from her, but these days people maybe don’t send as many. At first I didn’t realise what it was, but I opened it when the postman was standing there and we had a bit of a laugh. “The only reason I can think of for it going all the way to the Bahamas is because we live at ‘Barras’ and they might have looked similar.

“It has Lochmaben on it, but not a postcode. “I can’t believe it made it here eventually.”

With the mail now successfully delivered, a Royal Mail spokesman yesterday said: “We would like to apologise to Mrs Linton for the delay in receiving her Christmas card. “We are happy that we have now been able to deliver it safely to her. We always recommend that customers write addresses clearly and use a postcode to ensure that mail can be sorted and delivered correctly first time.”


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