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Backing Boris

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By Marc Mclean, Local Democracy Reporter
Backing Boris

BORIS Johnson is the right man to lead Britain through the cost-of-living crisis, Dumfries and Galloway MP Alister Jack insisted this week.

Despite a wave of calls for the Prime Minister to step down after breaking his own lockdown rules, his Conservative colleague Alister continues to back him “110 percent”.

With a very bumpy road ahead over the next couple of years due to sky-high inflation, energy price hikes, and families struggling to put food on the table, Mr Jack believes Boris should remain in power to steer the country through the tough economic times ahead.
The Scottish Secretary said: “I see the focus he has on the cost of living challenge now, and that was a big subject in Cabinet this week.
“I’ve seen what he’s doing around getting aid to Ukraine, not only humanitarian aid but military aid. We are leading Europe on that, there’s no question.
“I know that for him, his priority is to save lives with the (Covid) vaccine. He now wants to save livelihoods, and he’s all about rebuilding the economy.
“We’ve got the fastest-growing economy in the G7 last year and this year. He wants to keep up that momentum, and at the same time keep supporting Ukraine, and working with me and other territorial Secretary of States in strengthening the United Kingdom.”
Mr Johnson has ignored demands to resign following lockdown parties in Downing Street but could soon be facing a vote of confidence from his Tory colleagues.
Senior Conservative MP Tobias Ellwood, chairman of the defence select committee, said that the Prime Minister was facing a “steady trickle” of resignations and letters of no confidence.
However, Dumfries MP Alister Jack has declared he has full confidence in Boris Johnson and revealed they have a strong working relationship in his role as Scottish Secretary.
“I’ve been very clear from the get-go that he has 110 percent support from me, and I actually work very closely with him,” said Mr Jack.
“Today (Tuesday) alone, I’ve seen him three times and had separate discussions with him.
“I know him to be a staunch defender of the union, someone who is desperately keen to strengthen the United Kingdom, and I work closely with him on that.
“We’ve seen that through the structural funding that’s coming directly to local authorities, practicing real devolution and getting money down to projects that are localised as possible.
“We’ve seen that recently with grant funding in Whithorn, and we’ve seen it in Dumfries at the Moat Brae Peter Pan centre.”


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