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Autumn antics on the farm

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By Christie Breen
Autumn antics on the farm

A FARMING family near Lockerbie are getting into the autumnal spirit with a new addition to their farm.

The Grahams are almost ready to open the gates to The Patch at Uppercleuch, a pumpkin picking experience.

Visiting a pumpkin patch has become a popular day out for families and couples looking to make the most of the spooky season.

And Chloe and Stuart Graham and their two-year-old son, Angus are pump(kin)ed up for people to visit their new patch.

The couple planted 800 pumpkin plants back in June and now they have a crop that has surpassed even their own expectations.

Chloe said: “I love Halloween and we thought this would be a fun way to diversify the farm but we definitely weren’t expecting the pumpkins to grow to the size that some of them are, I struggle to lift some them.

“Neither one of us are born farmers so we’ve just been hoping it works out and it’s gone better than we ever expected.

PUMPKIN POWER. . . two-year-old Angus Graham has been helping his mum and dad get ready to open their pumpkin patch near Lockerbie for
the very first time

“Angus still doesn’t quite understand what a pumpkin is though, he likes to sit on them or points at them and says ‘ball’ or ‘apple’”

The Patch is now one of just two pumpkin patches in the region and the couple have been tending to their crop tirelessly to get ready for vistors in October. Chloe added: “Inviting the public onto our farm has been something we’ve always wanted to do and this is just a fun way of doing it.”

They are now taking bookings for pumpkin picking on weekends from October 15 until October 29. To find out more email: [email protected].


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