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Antibiotic awareness

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By Lisa Barbour
Annan and Eskdale
Antibiotic awareness

THE REGION'S health board is backing a public health initiative encouraging the responsible use of antibiotics.

NHS Dumfries and Galloway has issued some top antibiotic tips as the first World Antibiotic Awareness Week is marked this week.
Consultant microbiologist Dr Linsey Batchelor, pictured, who heads up the region’s antimicrobial management team, said: “Antibiotics are essential medicines for treating bacterial infections in both humans and animals.
“When used appropriately they can be very effective but in recent years there has been a reduction in their effectiveness.”
She added: “If antibiotics are not prescribed and used responsibly bacteria can adapt and find ways of surviving their effects.
“This means the bacteria becomes resistant to the effects of the antibiotic and that it will no longer work.
“It is important that doctors and patients are aware of when it is appropriate – and when it is not – to use them to treat infections.”

Antibiotics advice
* See your local pharmacist for advice on how to manage minor ailments like colds, most coughs, sinusitis, earache and sore throats. Over the counter remedies are often more effective than antibiotics.
* If you are prescribed antibiotics, always follow your doctors’ instructions, take the full course and never save or share them.
* Become an ‘antibiotic guardian’ at and choose a pledge to help slow down antibiotic resistance. Tell your family and friends about the campaign and encourage them to make a pledge too.

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19th Apr

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