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Annandale author publishes second novel

By Fiona Reid
Annandale author publishes second novel

NOT everything is as it seems in ‘Madrigal’ — the brand-new novel from Annandale-based author Marilyn Parkes-Seddon.

It has been described as ‘a gripping and intriguing thriller where romance and murder collide’ after death comes to the island of Guernsey.

Based in Waterbeck, Marilyn fulfilled her lifelong ambition of becoming an author after retiring from work on ill health grounds. She now has three published works to her name — two novels and one non-fiction release.

Marilyn always had an ambition to write, and released her first novel ‘The Jonquil’ in 2019, followed by ‘Seeking the Scallop Shell’, a non-fiction book which contained a pilgrimage of 22 destinations in Great Britain, in 2020.

As well as writing, she is an active member of the Richard III Society, chair of Annan Hospital League of Friends, as well as voluntary chaplain of the hospital. Furthermore, Marilyn and her husband Malc are regular worshippers at Carlisle Cathedral where Marilyn is a worship leader.

‘Madrigal’ is published by Arthur H. Stockwell and is now available worldwide in hardback, paperback, and digitally via Kindle and Apple Books.


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