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Annan trio get set for marathon

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By Ben Murray
Annan trio get set for marathon
READY TO RUN. . . Rowane Glendinning has been running since she was little, and was ecstatic to be chosen by ADAC

THREE Annandale athletes are slipping on their running shoes and gearing up for the London Marathon this Sunday.

Annan and District Athletic Club (ADAC) has been preparing for the event, with three of their members taking part in the race.

One is Colin Walker, a 52-year-old health and safety director.

He said: “The other two runners have been backed by charities, but I was chosen out of a ballot in the group. It feels like winning the lottery.

“While I originally wanted to run for a charity as well, I eventually came to the decision not to so that I wouldn’t steal the limelight from the other ADAC runners.

“It has turned the marathon into more of a personal challenge than anything.

“I only started running three years ago, through the Couch to 5k app but I’ve taken part in smaller races and runs since then. This will be my biggest challenge yet.

“It will be the first time I’ve ever done the London Marathon and I’m pretty nervous.”

DETERMINED. . . Despite suffering an injury, Liz Dawson is ready to soak in the fabulous atmosphere on the day

Alongside Colin will be Liz Dawson and Rowane Glendinning.

Liz lives in Moffat, is 62-years-old and started running at 40. Due to a recent injury and personal circumstances she was unable to follow her training plan fully, and is apprehensive about the marathon.

Liz said: “I only recently recovered from an injury, but I am going to do the marathon whether it is a mixture of walking and running.

“I may never have the opportunity to do such an event again, so I’m going to soak up the fabulous atmosphere and enjoy it.

“I didn’t support a charity due to my injury but I will be running in support of my friend’s daughter who is currently being treated for blood cancer. She and her sister are also both doing it.”

Rowane is 27 and is from Gretna, though currently lives in Clarencefield, and will be running for Myeloma UK, a charity that treats a blood cancer of the same name arising from plasma cells, as well as the Alzheimers Society to help those affected by dementia.

EASTRIGGS RUNNER. . . Colin Walker has been running since Christmas in preparation for the marathon

Rowane said: “I have been interested in running since I was a child after getting into cross country at the end of primary school.

“I’ve done several half-marathons and ran the Edinburgh Marathon in 2019. I ran for ADAC Juniors throughout school and rejoined the seniors in 2020 just before lockdown.

“I was lucky enough to get a ballot place, I had applied several times before so I was ecstatic about getting in. I’m starting to get a bit nervous now, but I am excited at the same time.”


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