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Annan still has a taste for mince pies

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By Ben Murray
Annan and Eskdale
Annan still has a taste for mince pies

A NATIONAL survey has found that festive mince pies are falling out of fashion, but local businesses in Annan sing a wildly different tune.

The poll came about after it was noticed that more and more mince piece are being thrown in the bin after being laid out for guests at hotels and spas, with sales being lower than the year before.

Mince pies have been a staple of a traditional British Christmas since at least the 16th century, made with a mixture of sweet mincemeat, dried fruits, sugar, spices and brandy wrapped in pastry.

But it seems the younger generation are turning their noses up at the pies, with many businesses that bake and buy the festive foods forced to chuck lots of leftover stock in the bin every year.

While many are calling this a ‘festive revolution’, Annan is singing a far more divisive tune.

Of the small handful of bakeries and cafes in town that sell festive mince pies, only a minor number of establishments are reporting less being sold.

One example of this is the Quarter Cake Cafe, who said: “We always put out a mince pie or two at Christmas parties, but the number of mince pies being sold outright is unfortunately in decline.”

However, at the Annan branch Greggs, staff say their mince pies sell like wildfire every year, with 2023 being no different.

And in the middle are the businesses that have seen no noticeable change on either side of the scale, such as award-winning bakery T A Francis and Son.

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