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Could this pothole be the biggest in the area?

Should a potentially record-breaking pothole be celebrated?

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By Ben Murray
Annan and Eskdale
Could this pothole be the biggest in the area?

A POTHOLE in Annan may very well be the largest in the region, if not the country, says a worried motorist.

The pothole at the top of Annerley Road, by the sawmill, has been measured to be 15 feet long, six feet wide, with a five inch deep dip on the left.

It has been highlighted by Wesley Paxton, who lives in Annan.

He said: “Is this the biggest pothole in Annan or even in the county?

“The largest pothole in the UK was discovered at the start of 2020. Named ‘The Buckfast Chasm’, the five feet wide pothole terrorised Devon for months. With this current pothole being three times the size of the former, could this pothole break records? If the Devon hole was called the Buckfast Chasm, perhaps this should be called the Annerley Canyon?”

Mr Paxton also noted similar craters on Stapleton Road and said the B723 road to Lockerbie is ‘riddled’ with holes, adding: “There are now so many potholes around, perhaps we need a new collective noun to describe a collection of them, so how about: an archipelago of potholes, like an island.

“After all, some groups of potholes are close together rather like the Isles of Scilly. Others are long and narrow, extending some distance, like the Andaman Islands in the east of the Indian Ocean.”


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