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Annan poverty shock

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By Fiona Reid
Annan and Eskdale
Annan poverty shock

ANNAN was this week named as one of the most deprived parts of Dumfries and Galloway.

According to the 2016 Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation, Annan East is one of the poorest neighbourhoods in the region along with areas of Dumfries and Stranraer.
And it also came 900th for deprivation out of the 6000 places in Scotland that were analysed.
The results are based on levels of employment, health, income, education, housing, crime, as well as geographical access.
The findings are used to help the Scottish Government, local authorities, the NHS and the third sector target investment and policies.
Annandale South Councillor Ronnie Ogilvie lives in the town and says the local authority are trying to tackle the problems with a range of policies.
He said: “We knew there were pockets of deprivation in Annan, but it’s not the whole of Annan.
“There are good parts and bad parts in any location.”
Hopeful for the future, he added: “We know where people need help and we’re trying to direct help there. These statistics will help us to do that.
“It’s a partnership of different agencies and there’s positives there with people working together, not just the services but volunteers and the community as a whole.”
Meanwhile, one of the region’s MSPs says the official figures actually underestimate the scale of poverty in rural areas like Dumfriesshire.
South Scotland politician Colin Smyth said: “With the double whammy of savage budget cuts to local councils by the Scottish Government and the UK Government’s welfare cuts, it is no surprise that areas of Stranraer, Dumfries, Annan and Upper Nithsdale have featured in a report on levels of deprivation.
“However, these figures underestimate the scale of poverty in our region. The index simply shows where there are high populated areas with a concentration of people on low incomes. That fails to recognise that the population in rural areas is more spread out with smaller pockets of real poverty not just in one area.”
He also stressed that the council recently agreed the first anti-poverty strategy and is working hard to eliminate problems locally, but warned further spending cuts could make the problem worse.
To see the index in full, go to


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