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Annan is hive of activity

TEN thousand vehicles pass through Annan every day, it has been revealed

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By Zac Hannay
Annan and Eskdale
Annan is hive of activity
DOING WELL . . . Annan High Street boasts a variety of different shops

The new data was released by Dumfries and Galloway Council and town leaders say it proves Annan remains a hive of activity.

Monitoring devices on Scott’s Street recorded an average daily vehicle total of 10,000, more than the entire population of Annan.

North Street and Silverlaw were the next busiest with average daily traffic flows of 2000 vehicles.

Not everyone is just passing through either, on-street vehicle parking was found to take place on many streets within the town. And on most days of the week the Bruce car park and Murray Street car park

can both be found at near capacity.

When compared to Scott’s Street, only a few hundred more vehicles were recorded each day on the A75 along at Gretna, 10,407.

Commenting, Annandale South councillor Richard Brodie said: “These figures show just how busy the centre of our town is with more vehicles daily than the whole population of Annan put together.”

And he pointed towards the council’s new regional parking strategy as a way to improve parking and capitalise on passing trade, adding: “It shows the importance of having improved infrastructure for visitors to enjoy and a good parking strategy in place so that people can stop off and spend money in the High Street.”

The town centre boasts a variety of shops from independent outlets to larger chain retailers.

Gary Evans runs Evans IT on Annan High Street. He provides phone, laptop and computer sales and repairs and is also an Apple independent repair provider.

Since opening in January last year business has only ever been on the up with customers popping in to his shop from all over the region.

He believes that better parking measures could help improve things further and said: “I’m getting a lot of passing trade, business is going straight up the way. I get a lot of people travelling in as well from Dumfries, Castle Douglas, Dalbeattie, Lockerbie and Moffat.

“In the last few months on some days I have been almost too busy to cope.

“I have spoken to a few other business owners and parking seems to be an issue.

“I do get customers saying they’ve had to circle the town to try and get a parking space.”

Meanwhile, extractions of data from cyclist activity recording apps indicate that the town is also well utilised as a cycling route, the main road makes up part of the national cycle route seven.

Other data retrieved included traffic recorded on the A75 at Collin. Here it increases a bit more to an average daily total of 13,990.

And elsewhere, at Kirtlebridge, traffic monitoring at the A74 motorway found an average of 17,815 vehicles on the north bound carriageway and 17,671 on the south bound lanes each day.


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