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Angry pensioner’s open letter to MP

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By Amy Duffy
Angry pensioner's open letter to MP
A DUMFRIES pensioner has written an open letter to his MP expressing his concern over the rising cost of living.
Chick McKenna, of Briar Bank, Dumfries, wrote the letter after he was quoted an increase of over 100 per cent on his energy bills.
Mr McKenna lives in a small one-bedroom flat and usually pays £48 per month to Scottish Power for electricity, with his recent quote shooting to £98 per month – a stark difference from the quoted rise from experts of 54 per cent.
The impact on local businesses and the local economy in Dumfries are other concerns noted in the letter, not just due to rising energy prices but also because of the hike in the price of fuel, food and council tax.
Meanwhile, Mr McKenna believes the probability of his MP, Alister Jack, who is also the Secretary of State for Scotland, coming out of the crisis ‘relatively unscathed’ is high.
He criticised the politician for voting to give banks a £1 billion a year tax cut, a move which has also been slammed by the Labour party, who say the money should be going towards helping the public with the rising cost of living.
Mr McKenna signed off his missive with the words: “So who are you really helping here?
“Not us. Not businesses. Not our economy.
“At some point you will be asked to account for your decisions.
“The electorate will neither forgive, nor forget the decisions you have taken.”


24th May

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By Amy Duffy | DNG24