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Angela thrilled at language award nod

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By Christie Breen
Dumfries and West
Angela thrilled at language award nod

A DUMFRIES businesswoman has been nominated for Scots Language Award in recognition of her contribution to the language.

Angela Gilmour, managing director of LIFT D&G, a not-for-profit local community group, is nominated in the Scots Speaker o’ the Year category.

Angela is thrilled to have been nominated for the award and is proud to speak in Scots on a daily basis, She said: “When I started the community group, I started meeting people who were involved with funding, local politics and the council. I felt like I came across as “common” or unintelligent, and approached my board to provide me with training on how to speak “properly.” The board assured me that the way I spoke was true and authentic to me and the area I live in, and to speak differently would be an injustice to myself and the people I aim to support in my work. It is for this reason I proudly speak the way I was brought up to speak – in Scots.”

In addition to Angela’s nomination, Moat Brae has also been nominated for an award in the Scots Project o’ the Year category.

Scotland’s traditional culture, music and arts organisation Hands Up For Trad organise the annual event, and organiser Simon Thoumire said: “We ur delichtit tae let ye ken the number o nominees fir the Scots Leid Awards submitit ower aa the sindrie categories haes bin jist grand! An its bin wunnerfu tae lairn aboot aa the fowk, some names we already kent, ithers new tae us, ettlin tae mak shuir oor braw Scots leid steys in guid hert. It haes nivver been mair importint tae acknowledge the fowk whaes wirk is keeping the leid tae the fore baith in thir daily lives an in its cultur, music an wirds. Sae mony nominations tae mak ye prood, an submitit as weel fae aa pairts o Scotland includin Dumfries!”

The ceremony will take place at Johnstone Town Hall, on Saturday September 16 with voting open until Sunday September 10. To vote visit:


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