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Amazing aurora captured on camera

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By Abbey Morton
Dumfries and West
Amazing aurora captured on camera

A SPECTACULAR natural phenomenon has been captured dancing in the skies over Lochmaben.

Hues of purple, pink, orange, yellow and green from the aurora borealis were visible on Sunday evening.

And photographer Kevin Findlater was delighted to capture the display of the Northern Lights from his Barony Gate garden.
He said: “I am fairly new to capturing the night sky and, without doubt, it is the capabilities of my Canon 5D Mklll that has made it easier to record such images in low light.
“Indeed, the sensitivity of the camera is such that it can ‘see’ better than I can in the dark.”
The 61-year-old, who retired three years ago from the police, learned from fellow photographers and Aurora Watch on social media that the aurora borealis would be visible.
And he said: “As it was fairly clear skies I went outside into my back garden, at 8.45 pm on Sunday, and, in darkness, looked north towards Ae forest in the distance.
“I could see the glow that I recognised to be the Northern Lights and as my eyes acclimatised to the dark I saw the colours.
“It was then just a matter of setting my camera and capturing the images.
“Within 20 minutes of taking the images clouds rolled over and we got a light dusting of snow.”
Shortly after moving to Lochmaben Kevin was awarded an MBE from the Queen for services to the community and the environment.
He is originally from Dumfriesshire and says retirement has allowed him to pursue his love of the outdoors, nature and photography.
And he enjoys travelling across the region, and the country, taking photographs of the landscape.
Last year he witnessed the Northern Lights play out in the skies as he stood within the forest at Castle O’er, looking towards Eskdalemuir.