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All hands on deck for park clean up

MEMBERS of the community joined forces in Annan earlier this week to clean up the Everholm.

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By Zac Hannay
Annan and Eskdale
All hands on deck for park clean up

Annan Churches Together Litter-picking Group, along with members of DG Eco Warriors and others residents embarked on a tidy up of the public space in the town.

Annan Churches Together was established in 2017 by Heather Paul, they organise clean-ups throughout Annan and have helped to clean loads of waste from the streets.

Fiona Rogerson from the DG Eco Warriors also attended, they conduct various clean up operations throughout the region’s beaches and areas inland, whilst also working with the community to raise awareness of plastic pollution and share tips on how to become more sustainable.

There are currently just under 2000 members on their Facebook page – D&G Eco Warrior cleans.

Members from Annan have also set up a group this week called Annan Eco Warriors.

Anyone with an interest is welcome to join the groups and get involved in promoting and encouraging to keep the region clean.


07th Jun

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