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Adventures with a pony: taking a tumble

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By Fiona Reid
Adventures with a pony: taking a tumble

TOP of my reasons not to get a pony over the last few years was fear of the kids falling off.

Well, four weeks in and that fear has come true.

My eldest was thrown off this week . . . and we ended up in accident and emergency.

There’ll be no more riding for a fortnight, doctor’s orders.

Bones might not be broken (thankfully), but our confidence is definitely dented.

Of course, I knew there would be a tumble or two along the way – a friend even told me ‘you’re not a rider until you’ve come off’ -but I had hoped we’d be a bit further along the line and a bit more experienced. And like parents everywhere, I’d really rather it was me taking the fall, not the girls.

Daughter number one will brush herself off and get back in the saddle when her arm has healed, albeit a bit hesitantly at first I expect.

Meanwhile, I too will need to reboot my trust in the pony. That will come, but at the moment I feel a bit bruised after a worrying day.

Parenting and ponies are can be a stressful mix!


12th Apr

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By Fiona Reid | DNG24