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Action plan to combat poverty in region

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By DnG24 Newsdesk
Action plan to combat poverty in region

COUNCILLORS will be asked to approve a new Anti-Poverty Strategy for the region this week.

At the meeting of Dumfries and Galloway Council, next Thursday, councillors will be asked to approve the new Anti-Poverty Strategy.

The strategy sets out what the council aims to do to improve the lives of people in the region experiencing poverty, in all its forms.

It aims to tackle poverty by creating actions that will address the causes of poverty, not just solutions for certain areas.

Accompanying the strategy is an action plan that outlines a number of new projects aimed at tackling poverty.

Some key projects included in the plan are promotion of the living wage and expanded discount travel.

Council Leader, Ronnie Nicholson, said: “The strategy is ambitious – we have to be ambitious; we have to be committed; and we have to work hard to ensure that this strategy delivers for the people of Dumfries and Galloway and makes a real difference to their lives.”

He added: “ The strategy develops the leadership role of the council, using its position and influence to ensure that all sectors and organisations work together on addressing the issues.

“In taking on this role, we are setting the bar for other partners at national and local level.

“We are clear what we can do as a council but it is also important that we ensure our Scottish and UK Governments are working just as hard to improve the lives of the people in Dumfries and Galloway.”

As part of the budget setting process, councillors agreed that a minimum of £500,000 of policy development funding for this year was allocated to a number of projects that contribute to tackling poverty.

The council will work alongside its community planning partners to develop a partnership approach to delivering the action plan.


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