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By Fiona Reid

IN RESPECT . . . a flag flew at half mast at Dumfries Midsteeple on Tuesday following Sunday's attack in Orlando. The rainbow flag, which is an official symbol of LGBT, was hoisted above the town to remember those who died in the Florida nightclub attack. A vigil was also held at The Stove arts hub in the town. South Scotland MSP Joan McAlpine has praised the expressions of solidarity and said: "The loss of life in Orlando is appalling, as it was in Paris and all the other hateful terrorist atrocities. Orlando is different in that it deliberately targeted gay people - it was a homophobic attack. Our response therefore should be to root out homophobia in our own communities, because as long as it exists, none of us can honestly say it could not happen here."


19th Jul

Army explode beach bomb

By Fiona Reid | DNG24