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Accident fears at busy road end

LOCHARBRIGGS residents have raised concerns about a new wall at the top of Quarry Road completely obstructing the view for vehicles coming out of the junction.

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By Zac Hannay
Dumfries and West
Accident fears at busy road end

VIVIEN Dodd believes that as a result of the new wall there is now an accident waiting to happen.

This week she warned that vehicles must edge out on to the busy A701 in order to see past the wall and worries that if something was travelling too fast heading into Dumfries then there could be a collision.

There are also reports of some drivers using the other route going through the housing estate to get onto the main road instead.

Vivien said: “It doesn’t make sense for traffic to have to divert through a housing scheme, you want to be able to go straight on to the A701.

“All you can do now is take a risk on it.

“It wasn’t brilliant before but now it’s almost impossible to get out the road end.”

Vehicles pulling out of Quarry Road onto the A701 find their left hand view completely obstructed as a wall stands in the way.

There is expected to be a site meeting next Thursday, between residents and roads officials, to discuss the issue.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for Amey, the company responsible for maintaining the south west trunk road network, last night said: “Our scheme designers considered the issue of the forward sight distance while developing the scheme and throughout discussions with key stakeholders, including Dumfries and Galloway Council.

“Our plan is to install a new stop line, which will replace the existing give way markings. We will continue to take onboard any comments from residents and other members of the community about this scheme.

“Ensuring the safety of the travelling public remains our number one priority.”

DANGER . . . the new wall at the top of Quarry Road compared to the old one


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