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Abusive carer struck off by panel

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By Abbey Morton
Dumfries and West

A CARER who told a resident in a nursing home she “should be locked up in a nut house” has been struck off.


Maria de Fatima Barrote has been told she is unfit to practise following a series of abusive remarks to residents and a member of staff at the Singleton Park Care Home at Courance.

The removal order came at a hearing of the Scottish Social Services Council.

The panel decided her fitness to practise was impaired based on evidence before them.

That evidence included Ms Barrote, who was a care assistant at Singleton Park, asking a resident who had become incontinent “why do you keep dirtying the bed?”

She added: “Why can’t you stop it?”

Ms Barrote told a colleague at the home she was “sick of you, I’ve had enough of you”.

The catalogue of concerns also revealed she stated to another resident: “You will sit down. You will do as you are told!”

When a colleague changed her shift pattern, Ms Barrote responded: “You’re nothing but a f****** b****.

“Who would want a b**** of a mother like you?”

The panel found Ms Barrote repeatedly refused to undertake reasonable work tasks to deliver personal care, including shaving.

The hearing said it was concerned Ms Barrote failed to meet the fitness to practise conditions imposed on her registration, which she had consented to.

The panel declared: “You have failed to be reliable and meet the standards of practice expected of you. Your failure also raises concerns about your attitude and calls into question your fitness to practice.”

Ms Barrote was told her conduct showed a “pattern of behaviour”, but although there appeared to be no harm to any resident or her colleague, “the potential for harm is high”.

The panel concluded there were no mitigating factors in her favour and she was struck off.

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12th Jul

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