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A75 speed camera request made again

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By Fiona Reid
Dumfries and West
A75 speed camera request made again

A MEETING has been requested to try and get average speed cameras on the A75.

Galloway and West Dumfries MSP Finlay Carson has written to Transport Secretary Fiona Hyslop asking to discuss the benefits of overhead average speed cameras.

He insists the current deterrent of safety camera vans are not entirely effective with drivers only adjusting their speeds in the limited locations where the cameras are positioned.

And he says drivers know where these sites are and the predictable deployment of the safety cameras has a diminishing effect over time and little or no affect in areas not covered.

In his letter, Mr Carson said he believed average speed cameras could reduce the number of fatalities and serious road accidents on the Euro-route.

He explained: “Due to the sporadic nature and very high volume of traffic using the A75 – in particular HGVs travelling to and from the ports at Cairnryan – it has a horrific track record.

“Indeed I highlighted the suffering experienced by a wife and daughter whose husband and father died in an A75 accident in November, in the Debating Chamber at Holyrood.

“Like me, they are now calling for the installation of average speed cameras – in line with those used on the A9 and A77, respectively, as well as other main routes.”

Mr Carson added: “Good driver behaviour must be encouraged at all times and, I believe overhead average speed cameras would be the answer.”

He is also keen to see another safety feature introduced – the raising of speed limits that HGVs can travel at.

The local MSP said: “Increasing the current speed limit from 40mph to 50mph for HGVs could lead to improving the safety and reliability of the A75. It is a move that has led to improvements in England.”

And he wants it to be given consideration by the minister and by Transport Scotland.

Mr Carson ended his letter asking for a progress update and for a timetable of any planned works.

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