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A75 among UK’s most haunted roads

By Rod Edgar
Annan and Eskdale
A75 among UK's most haunted roads

A STRETCH of the A75 just outside Annan has been named one of the top five haunted roads in the UK.

The Kinmount Straight is renowned for being the ‘most haunted highway’ in Scotland, with a reputation for paranormal sightings which have been consistently reported for over 50 years.

Publishing its research just in time for Halloween this week, the company Clickmechanic said: “One notable incident occurred in 1962, when brothers Derek and Norman Ferguson witnessed a hen fly into their windscreen and disappear on impact, followed by an array of other animals including cats and dogs.

“Long-distance lorry drivers, in particular, have also reported traumatising experiences when passing through the A75.

“One even quit his job after waking up in the night to discover what looked like an endless parade of people passing by.”

And they added: “To make matters more unnerving, a number of motorists have also admitted to accidentally knocking down people who suddenly appear in the road, only to find no bodies on inspection.

“This is indeed a road to avoid in the later hours if you’re afraid of ghostly activity.”

The Kinmount Straight ranked at number four in the list, below dual carriageway on the A21, South London.

Third was the apparent gravity-defying Electric Brae in Maybole, Ayrshire, while second was the B3212 at Dartmoor between Postbridge and Two Bridges, where since the early 1900s travellers have reported losing control of their vehicles — and seeing a pair of dismembered hands hanging onto the wheel.

The top entry was Blue Bell Hill on the A229 in Kent, where there have been over 50 reported sightings of a young bride at the roadside — claimed to be a woman who died there in a road accident on the eve of her wedding in 1965.

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