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A trifecta of bowling events!

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By Ben Murray
Annan and Eskdale
A trifecta of bowling events!
BOWLING STARS. . . (Front Row) Glen Mundel, Dennis Anderson, Melissa Graham, Daniel Pool, Susan Watson, Ab Waite and David Finnis. (Back Row) Paul Whelan, Wilma James, President Murray Dunbar and Alan Boyd

ANNAN Bowling Club has hosted a plethora of events over the past few weeks. On August 20 the club held their triples competition, sponsored by Ab Waite and Dennis Anderson.

The winners were Daniel Pool, David Finnis and Glen Mundel. Runners-up were Alan Boyd, Paul Whelan and Wilma James.

SUPER BOWL. . . Owens Elliot, Terri Nolan, Christine Povall, Craig Benson and Sponsor John Downie.

The day after on August 21, the J Rogerson Cup was held. Winners were Owens Elliot and Terri Nolan, with Christine Povall and Craig Benson as runners-up.

And finally, the club held a third major competition last Saturday. President Murray Dunbar and Wilma James came out as winners, with Allan Boyd and Annie Duckett as runners-up.

SUNDAY COMPETITION. . . President Murray Dunbar, Wilma James, Allan Boyd, Annie Duckett, Sponsor Craig Wellburn and his son Craig.

Annan and Eskdale

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