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A Pug’s life – a day in the life of a news hound

By Woody the Pug
A Pug's life - a day in the life of a news hound

Reporter Amanda Kennedy’s Pug Woody joined the team today as part of National Take Your Dog To Work Day, here’s how he got on...

Today started like any other day, I got up, paid a visit to the Little Pug’s room and then Amanda (my owner/human/personal slave) fixed me breakfast (dry biscuits, the girl is a very uninspired cook).

woody morning

After breakfast I go to Amanda’s room and lie on the clothes she’s lain out for the day ahead, I do this every day as I can tell she likes to take a little piece of me to work with her.

Then it’s off to the couch to take my first of many naps.

Today, however, was different; I was rudely awoken from my nap by the jingling of a dog lead.

You’ve heard the expression attached at the hip? Amanda likes to be attached by the lead, she can’t bare to be more than three feet apart, clingy I know.

She told me it was National Take Your Dog To Work Day, my human works at a newspaper.

I’m not much fond of newspapers, if people are looking at them it means the focus isn’t on me, but who am I to deprive Amanda of my company?

We travelled to Annan, home of DNG Media, and straight away I met my first obstacle in the working world – stairs.

My legs are only a few inches high and I live in a bungalow, so chores such as climbing stairs are new to me.

I nearly felt sorry for my human having to climb these stairs every day until I realised I wasn’t being carried and would have to walk up them myself, we’ll be having words later.

Once at my human’s desk I was greeted by the rest of the staff, you can tell she talks about me a lot, however I was dismayed that there were no pictures of me on her desk, at least that’s her birthday present sorted.

After introductions were made it was time to get down to work…

9.10 am – I was shown to my own desk, I was sitting in for the editor today, the only one qualified for the job
woody looking

9.20 am – next I familiarised myself with the newspapers

9.40 am – all that reading meant it was time to put on my glasses

woody glasses

10 am – after that the in-house photographer Steve Matthew gave me a few photography tips

woody camera and glasses

12 am – next I rang around to find a story, hands-free of course


1 pm – I took a nap on my lunch break to stay refreshed, work is tiring isn’t it?


2 pm – now to write, human makes this look so easy but I have a feeling I’m probably a more gifted writer than her

woody writing

3 pm – I’m getting bored of this working stuff, is it time to go home? I think I’ll just go anyway, surely people leave early on Fridays?

woody looking g

I survived my first day as a news hound, but frankly I think it will be my last. Overall I spent too much time working and not enough napping.

I think a dog’s life is the life for me.

Did you take part in National Take Your Dog to Work Day? If so email your pictures to Amanda Kennedy at [email protected]



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