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A cheers to the campaign

SUSTAINABILTY and whisky were the topics of conversation at Moffat Distillery this week when Scottish Greens co-leader Patrick Harvie visited the town.

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By Christie Breen
A cheers to the campaign
DISTILLERY VISIT . . . Dumfriesshire, Tweeddale and Clydesdale candidate Dominic Ashmole with Scottish Greens co-leader Patrick Harvie

The party co-leader was invited to tour the business by his Dumfriesshire, Tweeddale and Clydesdale candidate Dominic Ashmole who came across the distillery during a recent visit to the town.

He said: “I’ve been in this area for 50 years and I’ve been down to Moffat quite a lot in that time, and what I find interesting about this is that it’s a local business, it’s small scale and most of Scotland’s economy consists of small businesses and they absolutely require encouragement and support and I like the ethos of the place.”

Following a tour of the building, Mr Harvie was impressed not just by the facility but also by the commitment of owners Nick and Erin Bullard to sustainability and quality.

He added: “The quality of what Nick and his colleagues are creating here is delightful and it’s something that we should be celebrating. Scotland has a good reputation for high quality food and drink and what they’re making here is a terrific addition to that, but the commitment they’ve got to sustainability – there are some people who will try and tell you that sustainability, net zero and a circular economy where we waste less are anti-business and that couldn’t be further from the truth. The people who are putting those ideas into practice are turning them into a successful business model.”

Looking ahead to the election, Mr Harvie is hopeful that support for his party and its candidate will continue grow to within the constituency, he added: “We’d love to make the breakthrough to get Green MPs elected in Scottish constituencies for the first time. Whether we achieve that or not, every single vote for a Green candidate is a message that people want a positive and ambitious approach to issues like sustainability and social justice.”


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