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9 milkshakes that bring all the boys to the yard

By Fiona Reid
9 milkshakes that bring all the boys to the yard

THINK Dumfries and Galloway and what comes to mind? Robert Burns? Gretna Green? Calvin Harris? . . . milkshakes? Believe it or not, Dumfries and Galloway is bursting with milkshakes, cool coffees and very hot hot chocolates that would most definitely brings all the boys to the yard, just take a look . . .


  1. Ice Ice lattes by Nona Lou’s


2. Berry nice super deluxe milkshake created by Lockerbie’s Cafe 91

beryy nice

3.This unicorn hot chocolate by Kilnford Farm Shop, Dumfries, is just magical


4. And this triple tiered latte by Holiday Inn, Dumfries, would be perfect to wake up next to


5. You can’t buy love . . . but Kilnford sell the next best thing, white chocolate hot chocolate anyone?


6. Doughnut these make your mouth water? By Cafe 91

milkshake 3

7. What’s better than an Oreo? An Oreo hot chocolate created by Kilnford


8. Fruit is OK so long as it comes attatched to this cream creation by Kilnford Farm Cafe


9. A honeycomb latte for the hunnies of the region, made by Nona Lou’s, Dumfries


And if that’s not enough for you . . . Nona Lou’s might fill a teapot with oooey gooey goodness for you . . .


Are you a Dumfries and Galloway based cafe/restaurant or shop and make mouth wateringly tempting milkshakes/drinks? Let us know, it’s not too late to add in your pictures as a bonus! Message our reporter Amanda or drop her an email [email protected]

Next we want to feature cocktails – get in touch to share yours and feature!


22nd Feb

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