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50 things to do before you’re 50

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By Fiona Reid
50 things to do before you're 50

SEE the Northern Lights, swim with dolphins, pay off your debts and learn to play an instrument. These are just some of the things at Brits believe you should achieve before the age of 50.

A nationwide study has revealed the 50 most important things to do before that big birthday and the top three are have a happy marriage; have a retirement plan in place; and learn how to say no!

Also making the top ten were family, holidays and houses.

The rest of the list varied from trying skinny dipping and going to a festival, to being a proficient gardener, writing a novel and flying first class.

Relationships with friends and family emerged as important; while finance was also a key factor including having savings and owning your dream home.

Travel was rated as important too, with Amsterdam, Route 66 and Niagara Falls all on the to-do list.

In the survey by Raisin UK Savings Marketplace, 70 per cent of those taking part said they were delighted to reach the half-century mark, and the same number claim that “life begins at 50”, not 40.

Furthermore, four out of five of those polled admitted their priorities have changed since they turned 50 – but the main thing that holds back the over 50s from living their best lives is cash, said 45 per cent.

Raisin co-founder Kevin Mountford said: “This research proves how much we can achieve by the time we reach 50 but also how much we can prepare. Starting to think practically about your financial future is one of the easiest ways to help you achieve your dream goals by the time you reach 50.

The big 50:

  • Have a happy marriage
  • Have a retirement plan in place   
  • Learn how to say “no”    
  • Have two holidays a year    
  • To have had children     
  • Feel happy with your body   
  • Have been on a luxury holiday of a lifetime   
  • Own the house of your dreams   
  • See the Northern Lights    
  • Welcome your first grandchild into the world   
  • Pay off your loans / be debt free  
  • Have a driveway      
  • Have enough spare cash to treat yourself  
  • Have savings in the bank    
  • Get back in touch in touch with an old friend 
  • Be a proficient gardener     
  • See your child get married    
  • Learn to get by in another language   
  • Enjoy your own company    
  • Have made time for reading      
  • Make a million pounds     
  • Visit Niagara Falls     
  • Forgive someone who upset you   
  • Watch the sunrise on a deserted beach   
  • Live abroad for a year     
  • Fly first class      
  • Swim with dolphins     
  • Own your own company   
  • Be in your dream career   
  • Own a sports car     
  • Drive across America on Route 66  
  • Go on a safari     
  • Learn to play an instrument    
  • Walk along the Great Wall of China  
  • Volunteer for a charity     
  • Own at least an acre of land    
  • Pen a novel      
  • Walk daughter down the aisle   
  • Have stayed up until dawn    
  • Throw a big 50th birthday bash    
  • Have a walk-in wardrobe    
  • Have tasted wine on a vineyard    
  • Go to a festival      
  • Go skinny dipping     
  • Meet up with an ex     
  • Eat at a Michelin star restaurant   
  • Own a four-wheel-drive    
  • Have done something that scares you   
  • Write a love letter to someone    
  • Smoke cannabis legally in Amsterdam    



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