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It’s an elf of a Christmas!

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By Fiona Reid
Annan and Eskdale
It's an elf of a Christmas!

IT’S the busiest time of the year for Santa as he gets ready for his big Christmas Eve adventure. But he couldn’t do it without his trusted team of elves, who make the toys, check on children, look after the reindeer and pack the sleigh. We caught up with Brussel Sprout the elf, who has been helping out at Hetland Hall Garden Centre, to get the Christmas low-down.

1. What are your specific elf tasks at this time of year?
BS: I help the other elves to make toys in Santa’s factory at the North Pole. I am head of “Elf and Safety” there. When Santa goes off to visit children on the run up to the big day I like to go along so I can meet lots of boys and girls and sometimes when Santa’s not listening I get to tell them a joke.
2.What do you enjoy most about Christmas?
BS: The looks on the boys and girls faces. The decorations too and all the lovely lights.
3. Do you have a favourite Xmas song?
BS: It’s got to be “I wish it could be Christmas every day”.
4. Is Santa a good boss to work for? And what are the reindeer like?
BS: Santa is a lovely man to work for: he makes sure that we are all happy in our jobs and have cookies when we have our breaks. The reindeer are usually very friendly, but when they get tired they can be a bit grumpy.
5. How do you celebrate Christmas?
BS: I love the lunch that Mrs Claus makes on Christmas Day. Unlike most of the other elves I love Brussel Sprouts so I get to eat lots of them.
I also love playing games with the other elves we play elf twister and stick the tail on the reindeer . . . Rudolph’s not such a fan of this game.
6. What do you do the rest of the year round?
BS: We are kept busy making toys all year round.
7. What is the best thing about being an elf?
BS: Getting to work with my friends and Santa and Mrs Claus.
8. How did you get your name?
BS: From my love of Brussel Sprouts!
9. Have you got any elf secrets (or jokes) you can share with the boys and girls?
BS: What did one snowman say to the other? Can you smell carrots?
What did Mrs Claus say to Santa as she looked to the sky? I think it’s going to rain dear!
10. When and where can children see you over the next week?
BS: The boys and girls can see Santa and I at Hetland Garden Centre weekdays from 9.30-11 am and again at 3-5pm. We are doing a late night on Thursday until 7.30pm.
We have the reindeer with us too and there is an amazing Illuminated walkway around part of the Dino Park.

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