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We’re living longer in DG

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By Fiona Reid
Annan and Eskdale

LIFE expectancy in Dumfries and Galloway is above the Scottish average.

New statistics published this week by National Records of Scotland show that men in this region can expect to live until 77.8 years old, while for women it’s 81.8.

And both sexes are living longer than in 2006, with men clocking up an extra 1.8 years on average and women 1.5.

Meanwhile, one in five men and one in three women locally are expected to live until the age of 90 or older. Furthermore, those living in the more rural parts of the region are likely to survive for longer. Explaining why, the NRS report said: “This is something which is seen in all areas of the UK. It is thought to be associated with lower levels of air pollution in more rural areas, contributing to lower incidences of respiratory disease. There may be an effect of people generally having healthier, more active life styles in the countryside, but there may also be an association of other factors that influence life expectancy (for example, income) with where people live.”

However, overall Scotland continues to have one of the lowest life expectancies in western Europe, with Sweden coming out best.


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