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20’s plenty for village

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By Marc Mclean, Local Democracy Reporter
Dumfries and West
20's plenty for village

A small village in Dumfries and Galloway is doubling down on efforts to ensure drivers don’t break speed limits in the area.

Moniaive, which has a population of around 520, introduced a 20mph zone for the whole village five months ago following work by Glencairn Community Council.

The safety measure has had a positive effect as villagers have largely been abiding by the new 20mph limit, however further steps are being taken to really drive home the message to other motorists still speeding.

Sue Grant, secretary of Glencairn Community Council, explained: “The reaction to the new 20mph zone has been good overall.

“Locals seem to be paying attention to it, but we do find that delivery drivers – of which there are a lot in Moniaive – just don’t really take any notice.

“We’re hopefully getting funding to install those flashing signs which display the speed you are doing in order to remind drivers.

“That’s what we discussed at our most recent community council meeting. What type of sign to get, where to put them, and how we’re going to get the money to pay for them.”

The flashing road speed signs will be solar-powered and are expected to cost around £4,000 each, including installation.

The community council intend on purchasing three and placing them at the entrances into the village. Steps are now being taken to source match funding for the project.

The introduction of 20mph zones at schools and villages throughout the region has been a hot topic for Dumfries and Galloway Council recently.

At the council’s communities committee earlier this month, councillors complained about the length of time it is taking to roll out 20mph zones in other communities across Dumfries and Galloway.

There are still 22 schools in the region without this traffic safety measure, and numerous community councils have been repeatedly calling for speed restrictions in their streets.

Moniaive had been waiting on the council’s list for around five years to get a 20mph limit outside Moniaive Primary School on Chapel Street.

However, after the community council liaised with Dumfries and Galloway Road Safety Partnership and road surveys were completed, a 20mph zone for the whole village was approved by the council.

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