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20 year wait to find lost ROM badge

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By Rod Edgar
Annan and Eskdale

A LONG lost badge belonging to a former Annan Cornet has been returned to him after more than 20 years.

Dave Bell thought the memento from his role in the 1991 Riding of the Marches was lost for good — until Evan Keir discovered it at the back of a drawer in the gents outfitters W Glendinning and Son.
Evan said: “We were getting a new front desk for the front of the shop, and clearing out the drawers in the old desk.
“One was full of old buttons and bits and bobs, and Walter Glendinning and I found this old Cornet’s badge from 1991. We wondered who it belonged to.”
Evan’s mother Vicky immediately recognised the badge marked ‘1991’ as belonging to Dave Bell, of Dats Blinds.
A stunned Dave said: “I got a text from Vicky saying, ‘I’ve got something belonging to you’.
“She sent me a picture of the badge, and I thought, ‘It must have been 20 years since I’ve seen that’.
“I was quite surprised, but pleased.”
Dave says he can last remember wearing the badge at Moffat Ball, and believed he’d lost lost it on the dance floor.
He said: “You hand your kilt back in in the morning, and I imagine that’s where it was.”
Badges are now no longer personalised to specific years, and Dave said: “I’m glad I got it back, because it was the one and only.”
Paying tribute to Evan, Dave added: “It’s my 25th year next year, so at least I’ve got my original badge.”

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