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Blogmas Day 2 – Christmas box

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By Abbey Morton
Blogmas Day 2 - Christmas box

A CHRISTMAS Eve box is a fairly new concept to us Brits.

I am not entirely sure of its origins, but I’ll take a guess that it comes from our friends across the pond.
A quick search online throws up hundreds of website offering to sell you attractive boxes which you can pack with festive goodies, and some even come pre-packed.
Many of my mummy friends have jumped on the bandwagon and present their little ones with a Christmas crate on December 24.
New pyjamas are a staple (I guess it makes the Christmas morning pictures a little bit better!) and other items featured include: books, craft kits, DVDs, hot chocolate kits and snacks.
With all the jobs to do in preparation for the big day it is a good reason to get everyone sitting down together to watch a film, or an easy way to set your kids up with an activity while you put the finishing touches to everything.
I have decided to go a little off-piste and present my two-year-old with his Christmas box on December 2.
I want to get the use of the goodies all month long and I feel it kicks off the season with a bit more fanfare.
In his box (which is just a storage box I’ve temporarily repurposed, I’ve not yet invested in a personalised wooden box!) he has a stack of wrapped presents to tear into.
I’ve included new Santa PJs for him to wear all month long (I predict a lot of washing!), a Christmas jumper for all the parties and events we have planned, a colouring book and pencils, a placemat, bowl and cup decorated with Santa, cookie cutters and a cupcake making kit.
By shopping savvy I’ve kept it to under £20 for the lot and I am confident we’ll get the use out of everything throughout the month.
And maybe next year too!
Some may see it as an extra extravagance, but I see it as a fun way to build up the excitement and ensure we have the equipment to enjoy different Christmas activities.

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