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Three deny knife possession after Annan crash

By DnG24 Newsdesk
Annan and Eskdale
Three deny knife possession after Annan crash

THREE men have appeared in court following an incident at the weekend in which a car went off the road near Annan.

The men, two aged 17, who cannot be named for legal reasons, and 22-year-old Connor Kell, all Liverpool, denied a charge of being in possession of a knife without reasonable excuse in a public place on the Annan to Collin Low Road, near The Howes, west of the town, on Saturday night.

One of the 17-year-olds also denied driving dangerously and failing to stop when signalled by a police in a marked vehicle with its lights flashing, driving off from a red traffic signal at excessive speed and losing control on a bend and colliding with an embankment.

The other teenager denied obstructing police, exiting the crashed car, making off on foot, failing to stop when asked, acting in an aggressive manner and seizing hold of a police baton.

Trial at Dumfries Sheriff Court was set for March.

Sentence was deferred till then on the teenager accused of the driving charge, who admitted using a car without insurance and driving while not the holder of a licence.

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Annan and Eskdale, Be, Front

25th May

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