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Get a better balance of work and home

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By Fiona Reid
Get a better balance of work and home

TIPS for a better work life balance are being offered by a Dumfries training firm to mark National Work Life Week.

Pitman Training has highlighted new research that found more than one in ten UK employees work over 50 hours per week.
And, a third of all parents report being burned out often or all the time with four out of ten younger fathers saying they would take a pay cut to improve their work life balance.
In a bid to help, Pitman has released some top tips to help employees – especially parents – better manage their working time:
1. Delegate to colleagues
2. Prioritise tasks and make a daily ‘to-do’ list
3. Make use of your energy and when you feel the most productive
4. Be prepared and plan a day ahead
5. Improving your typing speed by 10 words per minute could save you a whole working day per week
And the firm is inviting bosses and staff to call into their free Work Life Balance Drop ins at their Dumfries High Street branch all week.
There will be free advice and brainfood – all with the aim of helping local workers achieve more productivity at work to try and reduce the need for work to blend into family time.
Manager Andrew Hunter said: “We have got behind this campaign because we often hear of parents who are really up against it, trying to fit a full time job into part time hours, trying to juggle kids pick up and drop off with finishing tasks that build up in the day – often this ends up with them taking work home.
“Anything we can do to help alleviate that and help parents, and all workers, achieve their work loads within their office hours, rather than it eating into personal time, we are fully on board with.”
* National Work Life Week launched by Working Families runs October 3-7 and aims to promote harmony between working life and home life

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