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Manic mornings

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By Fiona Reid
Manic mornings

BRUSHING teeth, combing hair, putting on shoes and gathering up bags.

They sound like pretty innocuous and repetitive tasks, so why do my kids have to be reminded to do them on a daily basis?
Their morning lethargy drives me round the bend and I regularly turn into a raving, frazzled lunatic.

Meanwhile, the little darlings stand by seemingly puzzled at why mummy is ranting and raving.
I’ve tried giving them lists to ’empower’ them to remember their morning routine . . . but that soon fell by the wayside.
We have also tried getting up a bit earlier to give us more time. Alas, that didn’t work either.
Mornings are precariously balanced chez Reid and unexpected events and last minute phone calls can tip us over the edge.
But I was relieved today to see that it’s not just me!
New research from belVita Breakfast of 2000 parents found that mornings are a minefield for many.
In Scotland, 34 per cent of parents say the school run is amongst the most stressful things about parenthood; 32 per cent of parents forget important school items due to morning madness; and 31 per cent of parents forget breakfast due to rushing their kids out the door.
Furthermore, one in six parents even do something ridiculous before leaving the house – including sending the kids outside with socks on their hands instead of gloves!
And the one I like best: over a half (53 per cent) of parents feel stress would be reduced if the kids just did what they were asked.
Offering advice, psychologist Dr Linda Papadopoulos said: “It’s key to develop a positive, convenient routine in the morning as it sets the rhythm for the day.
“Parents don’t need to panic! There are ways we can relieve the morning madness, simple strategies like connecting with kids in the morning so they’re more co-operative or preparing things from the night before can make a big difference to the morning mood of a family unit.
“Small changes and combining some short term quick wins and convenient cheats will pay off in the long term.”


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