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14 times nail envy was alive and well in Dumfries and Galloway

By Fiona Reid
14 times nail envy was alive and well in Dumfries and Galloway

WE'VE showcased the best and brightest of the region's hair dos and next it's nails. Proving that unicorn and mermaid designs aren't confined to the hairdresser's chair, here are 14 designs guaranteed to give nail envy . . .

  1. Spellbound Nails and Beauty, Dumfries, created these to die for unicorn nails


2. Nails fit for a mermaid by Spellbound Nails and Beauty

mermaid nails

3. Under the sea friendly nails by Spellbound

mermaid 2

4. Proving you’re never too old for Disney, Spellbound hand crafted these Snow White beauties

snow white

5. Go chrome or go home by Kelly McVie


6. Proving chrome’s a trend that’s not going anywhere. Nails by Beauty by Donna


7. Festive feeling by Spellbound


8. Black talons with a sparkly finish by DeElegance, Dumfries


9. Matte attack nails by DeElegance


10. Why wear your heart on your sleeve when you can wear it on your fingertips? Lovely look by Diva Nails by Gail Currie


11. Proving mermaid trends are alive and well in Dumfries and Galloway. By Diva Nails


12. Flower power nails by Diva Nails


13. This is Halloween. Nails this pretty could never be frightening! By Spellbound


14. This show-stopping 3D nail creation by Spellbound recently won a competition. But are you brave enough for the 3D trend?



Next we want to feature the fiercest make-up looks in the region – experienced MUA with a look you want to share? Or just a talented beauty fanatic? Email reporter Amanda on [email protected] or contact her through Facebook with your pictures for a chance to be featured!



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