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Multiverse Mosaic unveiled

By Fiona Reid
Dumfries and West
Multiverse Mosaic unveiled

A NEW work from world renowned landscape artist Charles Jencks has been unveiled in the region.

The mosaic – ‘Sun Flare/Earth Shield – represents the ‘dance of life and death’ between solar flares and the protective electromagnetism of the Earth.
It was revealed at the Crawick Multiverse artland near Sanquhar by Royal Society of Edinburgh president Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell with the Duke of Buccleuch and artist, designer and performer Alex Rigg of Moniaive.
Crawick Multiverse was designed by Jencks and funded by the Duke of Buccleuch. It celebrated its first birthday at the weekend with a spectacular three day summer solstice festival mixing art, science and music.

Meanwhile, an exhibition has also opened exploring the fundamental nature of the cosmos.
‘Landscape of Waves’ is a collaboration between Charles Jencks and Alex Rigg the Scottish-based multi-disciplinary artist and designer.

FREE PICTURE:  Landscape of Waves - Charles Jencks Art Exhibition launches Summer Solstice Events at Crawick Multiverse, Sanquhar, Dumfriesshire, Scotland, 24/06/2016:An exhibition featuring new work by Charles Jencks and exploring the fundamental nature of the cosmos opens today (Saturday) as part of a three-day summer solstice festival.  Landscape of Waves - a collaboration between Jencks, the world-renowned artist, landscape architect and designer, and Alex Rigg the Scottish-based multi-disciplinary artist and designer - opened at the Merz Gallery (correct), Sanquhar, before the first of three days of solstice events at the extraordinary Crawick Multiverse art landscape started on Friday evening (5pm, Friday June 24th, 2016). Charles Jencks is pictured with a textile sculpture by Alex Rigg entitled "Black Hole, Black Coal" and paintings depicting his Crawick Multiverse art landscape he has near Sanquhar.   More info from: Matthew Shelley - PR consultant - 07786 704 299 - Free FIRST USE (ONLY) picture.Photography from:  Colin Hattersley Photography - - - 07974 957 388
Charles Jencks at the exhibition

The display at the Merz Gallery in Sanquhar is a chance to see paintings, sculptures, costumes and illustrations by the pair.
The five themes of the exhibition will be The Crawick Multiverse; Two Galaxies and Two Black Holes; A Landscape of Waves; Solar Flare – Earth Shield; and Supercluster and Multiverse.
Jencks said: “Underpinning the exhibition, and the Crawick Multiverse itself, is the scientific thinking that waveforms are integral to the cosmos at its deepest levels – even the human mind works using waves.
“We can see this truth in all of nature and at all scales.
“These kinds of ideas about science, art, nature and human culture and the persistence of life are ones that Alex and I approach in very different, but complementary ways.”

jencks art

Photos by Colin Hattersley.

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