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Chapman targets new season talent

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By Bon Geddes
Chapman targets new season talent

ANNAN Athletic manager Jim Chapman says there’s no need for panic as a clutch of players are set to leave the club.

Chapman and the committee at Galabank are set to plan the way ahead after missing out on the play-offs during the past season.

A number of the Annan squad are on their way out of Galabank but the manager says this is normal at this time of the season and there is no reason to panic.

Chapman said: “Some of them are moving on to bigger and better things and we could be faced with a complete re-build by just keeping the core of the squad.

“But we have a planning day tomorrow to map out the way ahead. With the freedom of contracts, being part-time and when boys are over a certain age, you have no control over them.

“I have targets and have already spoken to some players and I’m trying to identify what we need to go forward again. But the location and resources has always made it very difficult here at Annan.”


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