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Moffat fuel thieves sought

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By Fiona Reid
Moffat fuel thieves sought

AN incident involving two men being caught trying to siphon fuel from a van in Harthope Place, Moffat, is being investigated by police.

At around 5.30 am on Thursday two men were disturbed while trying to siphon fuel.
The men, only described as wearing dark clothing and speaking with a ‘foreign’ accent ran off when disturbed.
Items left at the scene turned out to be gardening equipment which had been stolen earlier from a nearby greenhouse.
Constable Michael Briody at Moffat said “We are still experiencing a number of nefarious activities in the Moffat area and are thankful to the public for calling in at the times there matters are being discovered.
“This looks like the equipment from a local greenhouse which include a hosepipe and watering can were stolen with the intent to assist in the siphoning of fuel.
“ Anyone who has any information which might assist us in catching those responsible should call us on the 101 number.”


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