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£10k whisky theft

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By Fiona Reid
£10k whisky theft

THIEVES escaped with £10,000 worth of whisky from a lorry parked at a service station this week.

The theft happened at the Annandale Water Services at Johnstonebridge between 7 pm on Monday night and 5 am on Tuesday morning.

The lorry was broken into and ten pallets of whisky were taken from the trailer.

Police say security was overcome by cutting the security wire at the rear doors.

And officers estimate the value of the alcohol at about £10,000.

They also revealed that two other trailers within the parking area were also damaged when the curtain sides of both were found to be cut. However, nothing was taken from either.

It’s the latest in a spate of lorry tampering at service station sites in Annandale in the last couple of weeks.

Investigations have been launched by both local and CID officers into the theft.


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