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Has revamp disturbed theatre ghosts?

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By Rod Edgar
Dumfries and West
Has revamp disturbed theatre ghosts?

A SPOOKY tour round the newly renovated Theatre Royal in Dumfries is set to get pulses racing on Valentine’s weekend.

Mostly Ghostly are venturing back into the building on Shakespeare Street following its £2.1 million revamp and reopening last month, with the much anticipated return of the Haunted Theatre Tour.
Team founder Kathleen Cronie said: “We’re thrilled that the theatre is embarking on an exciting new chapter in its illustrious life and feel immensely proud to be part of it.
“This beautiful old theatre and those connected with it are very dear to us; we’ve been looking forward to this tour since the last one was held around two years ago.”
The Haunted Theatre Tour was launched by Mostly Ghostly in 2011, and proved popular with lovers of theatre, storytelling and the supernatural.
Theatres are often associated with reports of paranormal activity, with speculation about powerful emotions embedding themselves into the fabric of old buildings, and actors known for their strong, complex personalities.
Returning to the theatre after the revamp, Kathleen said: “Refurbishment work is well known to trigger spirit activity and, equally, it might have the opposite effect.
“We are in as much suspense as our guests and will be very keen to see if the theatrical residents of yesteryear will be making an appearance on opening night.” Mostly Ghostly have carried out four investigations at the Theatre Royal, with participants recording sounds of voices and footsteps, temperature changes, the apparition of a man who wearing 1920s style clothing on stage, and one woman experiencing a vision of a lady tumbling down stairs from the balcony.
Gearing up for the tour inside Scotland’s oldest working theatre next Saturday February 13, team member John Hill said: “We are as fascinated by the theatre’s history as we are with its hauntings and feel privileged to be returning to such a unique location.”


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