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‘No respect’ claims

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By Abbey Morton
'No respect' claims

A STALWART of Moffat Community Council has resigned, citing a lack of respect towards her - despite almost 17 years of service.

Jean Purves, who has held a number of positions and represented the community council on many other committees, sent a letter to the group for their meeting on Tuesday night.
In the correspondence Mrs Purves – pictured- said she felt she was given no respect and accused the community council of covering up what actually happens at meetings.
She said: “As per the code of conduct, all members should be treated with respect and I strongly feel that with reference to me that this has not been the case.
“Without respect, I see no future for me as a member.”
Mrs Purves said that prior to the first meeting of the new committee on October 27, at which she was replaced as secretary by Sylvia Moffat, she was informed that some members had met to discuss the allocation of roles.
She said: “In all my time on the community council, this has never previously happened.
“I found the atmosphere at this first meeting strained and this has set the tone for subsequent meetings.”
The accuracy of minutes from the November meeting were queried by Mrs Purves, but she feels her concerns were dismissed.
She said: “When I raised the need to amend these minutes, other members felt that these corrections were not necessary.
“These minutes were then approved.
“As I had pointed out that amendments were required, these should have been included in the minutes.
“The adoption of these minutes is another breach of the constitution as there should be a true record of the meeting approved.”
And she added: “Clearly we now have a community council happy to airbrush out what actually happens at meetings.”
She also raised the appointment of a non-member minute secretary and assumed it has been discussed privately ahead of the meeting by some members.
Mrs Purves said: “The appointment of this person without proper prior discussion by all members was unconstitutional and should have been declared void.”
Chairman Bob Opray read the letter at the start of the meeting and thanked Mrs Purves – who was absent but represented by her husband Andrew – for her all her work.


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