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Treading gingerly

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GINGER beer, gingerbread and ginger biscuits not only taste good, but have myriad health properties too, it appears.

The root has many benefits and can be used in many ways.
Explaining more for Be readers, Simon Bandy, of Health Plus, said: “Ginger is a strange knobbly root that originated in Asia. It not only tastes great in food and drinks but it has so many benefits too.
“The natural oil from ginger – gingerol – is the main bioactive compound, responsible for much of its properties.”
And he revealed the different ways of using it:
* To improve circulation: ginger has blood thinning properties and is known as a vasodilator – meaning that it helps to open up blood vessels and allows more blood to pass through, thus improving circulation around the body.
* To warm up and relax with massage: ginger can also help to warm you up on a cold day and is great if you are suffering from cold hands and feet due to poor circulation. Simply add a couple of drops of Health Plus Ginger essential oil to your hand cream and apply regularly. Eating and drinking ginger will have a similar but slower effect.
* To aid good digestion: medical studies have shown that ginger speeds up the movement of food from the stomach to the small intestine, and lessens discomfort during digestion. It is also well-known for relieving nausea from travelling, pregnancy or post-operatively.
* To ease pain: as a natural anti-inflammatory, ginger can be very useful to those who suffer from arthritis, joint pain, menstrual cramps, and some types of headaches.
* To aid recovery from coughs and colds: adding a generous slice of anti-viral ginger to hot drinks will help to ease the symptoms and lessen the duration of the virus.

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