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BBC Radio 1 star stops off in Moffat

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RADIO 1 favourite Greg James paid Moffat an overnight visit this week as he took shelter from the snow

The DJ is currently undergoing a gruelling challenge which will see him climb the UK’s three highest peaks, while cycling in between locations over the course of five days.

But unlucky Greg did not expect the ‘Beast from the East’ to blow in and make his challenge even harder.

Delighted to be able to welcome Greg and give him a warm bed last night, Buccleuch Arms owner Dave Smith said: “Greg and roughly 13 of them stayed with us on Wednesday  arriving pretty late at around 11 pm with the rest of the crew dotted around Moffat Town in various accommodation.

“They had planned to eat breakfast at the hotel at 5.30 am but moved it to 6.30 am due to the lateness of their arrival.

“From 6.30 am, the 45 plus crew all gathered for breakfast and decided to delay setting off to at least 10 am because of the bad weather.

“As I speak, at around 12.30 pm, I know they are all still in the hotel and as far as I know are in a meeting discussing as to whether they should or should not continue in the interest of everyone’s safety. The general feeling is they may have to call the challenge off at this point.”

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