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 War film role fo young actors

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By Fiona Reid
Annan and Eskdale
 War film role fo  young actors

TWO young actors from Langholm are to represent Scotland in an event marking 100 years since The Battle of the Somme.


Anna Kenny and Callum Jeffery are both members of Langholm’s Centre Stage Community Theatre, and have shot appearances in a film due to be screened for 20,000 people in Manchester on July 1.
Chris Jones from Centre Stage Community Theatre said: “Last year we did a big World War I commemoration piece on the Gretna Munitions Factory.
“We did that in partnership with the Imperial War Museum.
“I suppose because we were partners, the production people who are doing the national commemorations for the Battle of the Somme on July 1 got in touch with us wanting representatives from all over the UK — and two of our youngsters were selected as the Scottish representatives.”
Anna and Callum were selected after first having to shoot a video audition, but Chris said: “They weren’t too fazed.”
A professional film company visited Langholm, with Anna, 10, filmed in the Thomas Hope Hospital reading the part of a World War I nurse.
Callum, 13, was filmed in one of the old cemeteries reading out a piece that a soldier had written during World War I.
Chris said: “They selected some youngsters who are lot younger than the people who were actually there, I think for impact – to have young people’s voices.”
The film is going to be projected on a massive 16 metre by 3 metre screen, and the Halle Orchestra is going to be accompanying this narrative.
Joking, Chris said: “They couldn’t get Langholm Town Band.”
Anna and Callum will be travelling down to Manchester for the UK National Somme Commemoration.
Chris said: “It’s going to be great for them to see themselves on these absolutely massive screens.”
Looking ahead to the event, Culture Secretary John Whittingdale said: “We must never forget what happened at the Somme.
“I hope that people across the country take part in the range of events in Manchester to honour the memories of those who gave so much.”

SOMME ANNIVERSARY . . . Callum Jeffery shoots his scenes, for a film set to be screened in Manchester on July 1
SOMME ANNIVERSARY . . . Callum Jeffery shoots his scenes, for a film set to be screened in Manchester on July 1