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Where did I put . . .

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By Fiona Reid
Where did I put . . .

PASSWORDS, birthdays, keys and pin numbers are the top things that people in Scotland forget, according to a new survey.

Struggling to remember where the car is parked, or to pay a bill, or even that the clocks need to go forward/back are also in the top ten.
However, my own bete noir is appliances: I’m always checking and double checking that I haven’t left on the iron or my hair straighteners.
Nine times out of ten they’re off, but as we pull out of the drive for a day out, I’m always paranoid.
It’s probably because I’m the one in our house that has to remember everything.
I can tell you all the birthdays of my family, my husband’s family, our friends and even the kids’ friends.
What’s more, I pay our bills and know our passwords, and I have to remember all the children’s activities and the kit they need.
I can’t take my eye off the ball or life a la Reid will fall apart (or so I tell myself…)
Lists are definitely the way forward and my work surfaces are littered with bits of paper and reminders.
Just last week I spotted my eldest daughter writing furiously. I approached to find she was making lists of all the things to do before her birthday.
So it seems I’ve passed on my organisational gene and maybe, just maybe, I don’t need to shoulder the burden alone any more!


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