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What’s your number? Part II

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By Fiona Reid
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What's your number? Part II

SIMBA being held up for all to see at Pride Rock , Harry Potter waving his wand for the first time (you're a wizard Harry) and Forest Gump out-growing his leg splints - they're just some of the top watched movie moments of all time.

Buzzfeed recently launched a quiz ‘How many of the most popular movies of all time have you seen?’ and, following last week’s BBC Book Challenge quiz, the DNG24 reporters were keen to have a go.

The quiz listed the 100 most popular films of all time, according to their Box Office ranking after being adjusted for ticket price inflation.

Lagging behind on 47 was Abbey – whose lack of Star Wars and Hunger Games viewing hit her hard.

Fiona scored a total of 54/100 – having children helped her Disney score.

Myself (Amanda) came in second place having seen 60 – luckily I watched all three Star Wars prequels earlier this month.

But the winner by a country mile was film buff Rod who was only held back by his lack of love for Disney – why a man in his early 40s doesn’t want to watch Disney movies I’ll never know.

Now we know our numbers the question is, are any of us dedicated enough to watch all 100?

To see how you much of a movie buff you are visit:

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