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What next?

By Fiona Reid
What next?

HERE we go again: another week and another food warning.

This time it’s sausages, bacon and red meat in the firing line.

They have been condemned by the World Health Organisation as carcinogenic, eg cancer causing, and basically a sniff of them and we’re all doomed.

When I heard the news I was batch cooking a pot of chilli con carne, a pea and ham soup and a beef casserole (as all busy working mums do!) Opening the fridge, I spotted a chorizo sausage and a pack of bacon lurking in there. Panic set in – to bin or not to bin?

So now they’re all ruled out, along with anything containing the slightest trace of sugar, I’m left contemplating what exactly to give the kids for tea seven nights a week?

There’s only so much I can do with chicken and turkey, my daughters don’t like eggs, and I reckon I could get away with fish dishes a maximum twice a week. They’re pretty good with vegetables but not keen enough to become full-time vegetarians.

Pizza is the only sensible answer . . . someone pass me a takeaway menu!






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