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What does your cocktail choice say about you?

By Fiona Reid
What does your cocktail choice say about you?

AS the weather warms up (humour me..) there's nothing nicer than a cocktail to keep you cool.

But did you know that your favourite tipple can reveal a lot about your character too?
The tongue-in-cheek cocktail personality matches were devised by mixologist Ryu Okada, of Kampai Cocktails.
He said: “I have discovered, from years of professional mixology, that people who try lots of different cocktails seem to be more cheerful and fun-loving (and usually a bit more drunk), whereas people who stick to the same tend to be self-assured.”
So whether you’re a Pina Colada fan, or prefer a Cosmo, here’s the lowdown on what your choice means:

* Classic Martini
You are classy and mature, preferring the finer things in life. You are elegant and refined; a discerning type with a penchant for everything stylish and well-crafted.

*Sex on the Beach
You don’t take life too seriously. You are playful, fun to be around, and enjoy being the centre of attention. Dancing in a bar is one of your all-time passions.

* Cosmopolitan
You are outgoing and sophisticated – think Samantha Jones from Sex And The City – the show that popularised this drink. You enjoy intelligent conversation with interesting and enigmatic people.

* Pina Colada
You’re a flirty person with a sweet tooth and fun personality. You are especially impressed if your Pina Colada is served in a pineapple! People like to be around you as you make them smile.

* Bloody Mary
You are a morning person who doesn’t mind waking up early and getting on with things. You are an organised go-getter with high aspirations and have a dislike for anything sickly sweet.


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