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Wendy’s stone surprises are a hit

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ANYONE who has been out in Annan on their socially distanced daily walk may have spotted some brightly coloured stones hidden around the town.

The pebbles are part of a scavenger hunt-style challenge for children who are out walking with their families, And one lady’s designs have proven so popular that she is hoping to offer a prize to the child who finds the most.

Wendy Latimer was out walking with her springador Hector shortly after lockdown began when she saw a young girl find a brightly coloured pebble. Wendy said: “It was like someone had given her a £50 note, she was so excited over something so simple. I decided I would give it a go.”

Wendy, who works at Youngs Seafoods in Annan, started out creating a couple of designs and posting photographs on social media before they were hidden, and it wasn’t long before she was getting requests. She said: “I am up early every morning and I go for a walk down the river with Hector before work, so I hide them at that time so no one knows where they are. At the beginning I asked people not to touch them, just take a photo and leave them where they are, because I was worried about the safety aspect of having different people touching them. But after a while the kids started lifting them and moving them to other locations, it became sort of a game.

“It is really up to the parents if they want to let their child move them and they can make sure that their hands are clean.”

Wendy is just one of a number of people of all ages who are painting stones and leaving them around the town for children to find. She has asked parents to take photos of all the stones that their children have found and send them to her, and she hopes to offer a small prize to the child who finds the most once they go back to school.

She continued: “It is so great to see the families out together, getting some exercise, finding the stones and doing something simple away from computers. “I found two when I was out this morning, it puts a smile on your face. And Hector loves helping me hide them, he’s even found a few stones of his own.”

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