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Wee ones in African toilet twinning link

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By Fiona Reid
Wee ones in African toilet twinning link

NURSERY children in Beattock have been raising money to help youngsters in Africa spend a penny.

They have twinned their toilet with a latrine in Uganda as part of a bigger project learning about clean water and sanitation.

And to mark the link, the tots received a Toilet Twinning Award from Aileen Rice of UNICEF.

Nursery teacher Ruth Leigh said: “We think we may be the first nursery in the region to do this and hope lots more nurseries will think about doing the same.”

She explained that they have been fundraising for the past month to make the £60 needed to join up with the facility in Kabirago.

Various events such as toilet parties where children played ‘Pin the Flush on the Toilet’ and ‘10 Pin Bowling’ with toilet rolls were held to raise money.

A guess the baby photo competition was also held and a ‘Mermaid Hair Salon’ was opened for the day to braid girls’ hair.

Two children even donated £5 each of their birthday money.

Ruth said: “The plumbers at Drummond and Murray also let the nursery borrow a toilet so that people could ‘Spend a Penny’ and make a ‘donation’ if they were feeling ‘flush’.”

She added: “Why have we been doing this? The children have been learning the importance of clean water and that all boys and girls around the world should have clean water too.

“The Toilet Twinning Award means that our money will be used to help provide improved sanitation, clean water and hygiene education in a poor community.

The statistics are stark — every minute a child under the age of five will die because of dirty water and poor sanitation. “So the nursery wanted to help children of their own age grow up to be healthy.”


24th Nov

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By Fiona Reid | DNG24